Day three of enjoying Paris by avoiding it.



Saturday was our last day in Paris. Adam and Noah were at Word Camp Europe and I decided to take the train to visit our old farm intern Leonie in Dieppe on the Normandy coast. Smooth travels, a couple more beautiful train stations added to my list and I was able to spend the day relaxing with Leonie and her boyfriend.

Stepping from the train station into the fresh air, the sound of gulls announced my arrival at the sea. Leonie was an intern at the farm in 2008, I had not seen her since then until last weekend at Valentin’s in Bouchemain. Radek, Leonie’s boyfriend from Germany was visiting, and the three of us enjoyed a leisurely day together.

I returned to the apartment at 10 PM content and tired, having successfully enjoyed a very full day away from Paris and the construction outside our window. (They are building a canal beach, much like the one we visited in Copenhagen. It will be open in July and August and looks like it will be very nice.)



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